Our fully equipped 2,500sq ft studio provides artists with a generously sized all-in-one space to mix, make and create music. Its multi-purpose use is capable of accommodating all of your needs and it is packed with high quality equipment. We are fast building a solid reputation for superb facilities. Not only is the space visually stunning, but its flexibility to explore tailored and bespoke recording requirements distinguishes The Arch from other studios. From session musicians, to bands, to voiceover artists, The Arch is a beautifully inspiring creative environment in which to work. Natural daylight pours in to accentuate every corner of this stunning space and floods it with light. Lovingly restored with original features, the space is both contemporary and classic in equal measure.

Designed by world renowned acoustician John Brandt, covering a spacious 1,250sq ft. The free field acoustics ensure that there is no need for baffles to stifle and dampen sound qualities. Its rich and warm vibe can be absorbed and appreciated. Natural daylight beams in and the 18ft high ceilings provide a naturally-lit and bright tracking room. Exposed wooden arches highlight the uniqueness of the building’s conversion from its former life as a church.

Tracking Room

Edit, mix and master in a control room with extensive treatment and bass trapping. It provides an accurate critical listening space. Its design allows for total sound absorption whilst maintaining vital communication. The zero-loop area custom electrical install gives ultra-low noise. The main monitors are flush mounted to enhance sonic precision and maximise space.

Control room

Perfectly positioned with direct visual communication straight to the tracking room and able to house a whole drum kit if needs be, the booth has high levels of flexibility and sound isolation. Speaker tie lines running through to the control and tracking rooms are perfect for powerful amplifiers and a more streamlined and easier setup. The original church lectern rescued during the renovation has pride of place in the booth.


Overlooking the tracking room, the elevated studio mezzanine provides a beautiful break-out space in which to unwind, write, meet, discuss, even watch a film or two and play some video games, or perhaps just to take a minute. Airy and bright with comfy sofas and armchairs throughout, you can sink into your chosen relaxation station. Stream directly to the stereo or pick out an LP from the studio record collection and kick out the jams.