Located on the outskirts of the seaside town of Southport in Merseyside, The Arch is easily accessible with many amenities.  Getting here is straight forward.  You can venture further afield into the heart of Southport which is just a couple of miles away.  Notable attractions include the beach, fairground and pier as well as Botanic Gardens, all at a short distance from the studio.

There are plenty of shops, takeaways, restaurants and pubs in the immediate vicinity if you’d like a change of scenery, want to stretch your legs or just need to nip out to top up your stock of essentials.  You can also soak up some of the stunning nearby scenery nearby – Southport is home to some amazing views and wildlife.

First opened in 1860, Britain’s second longest and oldest iron pier. Reaching out over Southport’s impressive beach, it captures nostalgia and charm, and is free entry. There are a selection of vintage arcades, cafes and restaurants, and the recently refurbished pavilion which provides plenty of amenities. The pier is great for a stroll, listening to the crashing waves or viewing the sunset.

Southport Pier

The town’s independent theme park has a good mix of rides and attractions ranging from roller coasters and dodgems to games, catering for both thrill seekers and those wanting a calmer but equally as fun experience. Home to the world’s oldest continuously running 15-inch gauge miniature railway, the fair is dog-friendly and ideal for a family day out. There are several food and drink outlets and plenty of green space in the area for a picnic.

Southport Pleasureland

Vast Victorian gardens filled with beauty and colour. Often referred to as ‘The Jewel in the Crown’, with national recognition for its floral displays, the gardens have a café and bar, aviary, gift shop, crazy golf and lake to enjoy. Dogs are welcome and the long winding pathways make for a good local walk.

Botanic Gardens

Take advantage of some of the best wildlife in the region. Located North of Southport town centre. Outstanding all-year round, there are opportunities to view an array of wildlife in their natural habitats. Spot nesting birds such as avocets and lapwings throughout the summer, and marvel as the skies fill with pink-footed geese and wigeons during winter. There are plenty of ways to capture unique moments from the viewing platforms that are dotted around the reserve.