About us at Arch

Following three years of incredibly hard work, the Arch recording studio was born. A huge renovation project commenced in the summer of 2021.The church was taken right back to its most basic structure, whilst still maintaining the original features. From here it was then rebuilt with the musician in mind. Designed by world-renowned and respected acoustician John H. Brandt, The Arch Recording Studio boasts a stunning 1000sq ft tracking room, adjoining isolation booth and a meticulously crafted control room, set in a picturesque former Methodist Chapel that has stood since 1880. The tracking room has ample space to host full live band recordings, string ensembles, jazz orchestras and features 5m high ceilings, with the original arch beams and architecture still visible. The isolation booth is perfectly suited to vocalists, guitars, voiceover work and anything which requires a tighter sound. Featuring plenty of natural day light, our well-ventilated, air-conditioned recording studio provides an acoustically flexible space to inspire, with room to room isolation and extensive diffusion, diffraction and bass trapping, all designed for the perfect creative environment.